A stilling practice which cultivates a deep sense of awareness and the capacity for limitless potential through a profound release of mind/body stresses. Yin focuses on the deeper musculature of the body and connective tissues, stimulating the Meridian channels which revive dormant energy within the body.


Andy Yogalinsky is an ex national Argentine gymnast and now an East London local. She moved to London 15 years ago and has been working in fashion and has been practicing yoga ever since. Andy decided to retrain as a yoga teacher a few years ago and since then has been going from strength to strength teaching at the best schools in London including Frame and The Refinery E9 and also at British music festivals including Bestival and Latitude as well as for corporate clients. Due to her background as a national athlete, Andy has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and brings this element to her classes- total body awareness. Andy teaches a variety of styles including yin yoga and dynamic yoga. She focuses on breathing techniques and is extremely in touch with spirituality so you leave her class feeling quite magical. Andy was the first Urban Temple teacher so we are really pleased for her to be taking part in Re:Solutions Festival!


I am originally from Santa Moncia, California, and moved to London in 2010. I began to practice almost everyday and found myself drawn to teaching. Yoga has changed my life over the last 5 years both mentally and physically. I have struggled with tight hamstrings my entire life and after several years of consistent practice, I am able to do things I never thought possible. I have also struggled with anxiety on and off and yoga has been the most effective tool to keep it at bay. Yoga has taught me that all limitations I place on myself are in the mind and that we are all capable of retraining the mind. After completing my 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Dharma, I became focused on bringing my students the opportunity for self transformation. My classes are challenging yet accessible and open to all levels, including beginners. My favourite yoga practice is smiling.


Hoop x Dance is a series of individual classes and set workshops designed to promote fitness and the integration of dance with circus arts. With a carefully selected playlist, the environment is set as an upbeat and fun way for individuals to be creative and get fit!

1. Fitness style hooping for core and full body tone
2. Encourage students to freestyle and fuse tricks and dance movements creatively
3. Focus on technical hoop tricks that tone muscles and spatial awareness
4. Inspire creative use of props with dance
5. Group work activities to help motivation, skill building with partner and group hoop tricks
6. Use of multiple hoops, working up to circus style hoop performance

Symoné is a professional hula hoop performer and instructor, cabaret artist, choreographer, and rollarskater. Trained by Marawa the Amazing, she works closely with The Majorettes, Chivaree Circus, Gypsy Disco, as a solo artist and within group performances. Symoné works as an international artist that works for all types of events from corporate to festivals, entertaining all audience types. She currently holds a Guinness World Record with The Majorettes for "most hoops spun simultaneously as a group", she can spin 40 hoops on her body at once! In the past she has had the opportunity to work with Sun Ra's Arkestra, Rookie Magazine, Jon Hopkins, Kensington Palace, Dell, Glastonbury festival, and many more.



Circuits Class
George, owner of Fresh Fit London, is fast becoming recognised as one of East London's leading personal trainers. Since qualifying back in 2014 - via 3 years as a corporate lawyer - he's gone on to train paralympian athletes, provided exercise advise to international sports brands and amassed over 2000 hours of personal training experience. Specialising in weight-loss, tone and conditioning, his workouts are always full of fun, with a real focus on movement and mobilisation. This'll be a class not to miss!



Disco Barre is a ballet barre based work out that will totally transform your body and change the way you think about exercise.

All set to a personal soundtrack of underground disco and house favourites from fitness and boogie connoisseur, Sophie Ritchie - Disco Barre is a class devised to banish the boredom of the gym and make you feel more a slave to the rhythm than the treadmill. Classes take place in unique spaces and are done by the light of a Disco Ball. Close your eyes and you could be in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage.

Sophie is a Level 3 Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer with a strong dance background and completed the Barreworks training programme with Vicki Anstey in Richmond in July 2013. Vicki trained in the Lotte Berk method and New York City Ballet work out, both of which Sophie has practised since her teens.

Disco Barre combines all these techniques with core work, strength training, isometric holds and small but intense and sexy, choreographed moves, bridging the gap between dance and fitness and helping you achieve a sculpted, lean but strong body - fast.

Work that body, feel the burn and get down to the music. No dance experience necessary.


Brazilian Capoeira & Cuban Dance coming together to create Capoeira class followed by CapoRumba party/fiesta.

The day will be made up of Master classes of Cuban dance - rumba/salsa/reggaeton & Brazilian Capoeira/music/roda, evening performances of Capoeira, Rumba and Afro-Cuban costumed dance. DJ/spontaneous dance follow on groups. This event is a feast of dance, movement and fun. Dance Teachers are Luanda Pau & Ariel Rios.

Luanda Pau - Dance teacher & Mentor
Diploma from the national school off arts Havana Soloist dancer from Folkloric Ballet National of Cuba. 22 years as professional dance performer - international teacher and choreographer, and 16 years working in Europe.

Capoeira Mestre Fantasma & Students
Mestre Fantasma (the only non Brazilian master in the UK) has been teaching and promoting Capoeira in London for 25 years. His hackney based group host events, games(rodas) regularly and have been performing and delivering workshops in School, collages, corporate events and also run regular evening classes. Capoeira is their philosophy of life.

Fat Buddha Yoga - The Sunday Rehab

This class will bring you back down to earth, work up some heat, followed with a detoxing flow of sequences, twists to ring-out the organs, releasing tension in all those nooks, unwind your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed ready for Monday. Keeping it real, dynamic with a dope playlist and fat dose of Zen.

Suitable for Yoga virgins to pros as well as saints and sinners. YOGA MATS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! If you own one... Please bring it!

Drop in: £12 | Fat Buddha 4-class pass is valid for this class (4 sessions for £40)
Book here



A dynamic flowing style of yoga, harmonising breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom. Vinyasa Flow incorporates many of the same postures in Ashtanga, but focus is placed on the creative sequencing and everchanging order of poses, finding seamlessness and fluidness between postures.


Sammy fell in love with yoga because of its endless ability to continuously feed the body, mind and soul and she loves being able to share this gift with others. Sammy teaches mainly Vinyasa yoga, always with a strong aim of enabling others to flow through their asana practice with a detailed focus on the breath, alignment and awareness. It is incredibly important to her that every class she teaches is delivered with a strong sense of kindness and compassion, constantly encouraging self-love, acceptance and smiling! Sammy's background is in dance, studying contemporary dance at one of the UK’s leading conservatoires. Yoga was introduced to her as a supplementary practice for her dance training, however, when life threw up some unexpected challenges, it soon became an integral part of her personal growth and development. Facilitating yoga for those of all ages and experience levels is something that fills her with great amounts of joy and teaches her more about the practice and herself everyday.


Hi there! I'm Sophie Higgins - a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. I believe in taking a fully holistic approach to nutritional therapy and aim to get the body and mind back into a healthy state of balance. I tailor healthcare plans to the individual, and by making goals and targets that are achievable, enable you to take full control of your diet, health and lifestyle. We will work together to discover the underlying causes of any ailments you may have, healing the body naturally, and not merely covering up the symptoms. I have a special interest in digestive health, but also take on a wide variety of other nutritional and health related issues, including insomnia, hormonal issues, reproductive health, eating disorders, sports nutrition, fatigue and energy issues, skin issues, thyroid disorders and weight loss.


Siv fell in love with yoga ten years ago as a counter balance to long distance running, cycling and swimming and as a way of challenging both her body and her mind in a healthy, nourishing way. After dabbling in Hatha, Ashtanga and Power Yoga, Siv eventually settled on Vinyasa Flow because of the creativity and playfulness it offered, and eventually pursued Teacher Training.
Expect dynamic and playful movements, a focus on breathing, a few laughs and a carefully curated playlist. Siv is passionate about making yoga approachable and accessible and her classes are open to all levels, with modifications and options available for both more and less experienced practitioners.


Lea is a yoga teacher with a degree in psychology and a Masters in Mindfulness and Neuroscience. Her goal is to combine the practice and philosophy of yoga with the western medical and psychology world. During her post-graduate studies, Lea explored the feasibility of yoga interventions in mental health settings and is now hoping to continue her journeys to become a yoga therapist.

Lea completed her teacher training in Canada, which was grounded within Ashtanga. However, since then her classes have developed into a creative, playful and dynamic vinyasa class that will make you breathe and work all areas of your body and mind. She is a fun and smiley teacher aiming to enable her students to get out of their comfort zone in a fun and safe environment.


Having a background in dance, Luna's form is one of fluid lyrical motion. She treats her asanas like a dance for the mind and body, knitting together the emotional and physical aspects of Yoga harmoniously.

With Luna you can expect a strong, dynamic flow that is light and playful at heart. She works to hold a safe space that allows you to grow in your own practice and in confidence. A firm believer that we can all enjoy the benefits of this old tradition in a modern way, Luna offers plenty of variations to poses that allow you to take control of your practice.


With a passion for connection and an expanse of mind-body-soul wisdom acquired through his own journey as a ex-professional soccer player and sports therapist continually inspires Marc to explore the human body. When he came across the ancient teachings of yoga his soul and mind light up. Learning that the ancient spiritual science offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from knowing what we really are.  His curiosity of self and our connections with others and the world Marc loves to share and endeavours to create a space for others to tap into their true nature, higher self... your teacher within you. 

Marc's classes combine physical precision with fun and soulful exploration of everything yoga has to offer.


Jessica grew up in between London and Hong Kong in a sports obsessed family. After injuring her right shoulder Jessica was left unable to practice other sports and turned to yoga. Yoga helped her to manage the impingement in the right shoulder but she found many other benefits from yoga through her daily practice and meditation. Being someone who was into sprints and H.I.T training Jessica found yoga a challenge mentally and physically and worked hard to reprogram her mind and body. Jessica's passion for yoga led her to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training alongside her full time job. Jessica continues to grow attending advance yoga courses and loves getting upside down and playing with inversions. Her passion for a dynamic practice led Jessica to find Acroyoga, which she dedicates a lot of her time to also. Having realised how powerful the benefits of yoga can be, Jessica wants to share what she has found, by encouraging those that haven't already tried it and continuing to inspire those that have. Jessica is whole-heartedly dedicated to helping people find continued happiness in a world that is so frantic and truly believes that yoga can help.


Yoga came to Kirty at a time when she needed creative escapism. It led her on a journey of self-discovery and self-belief. She teaches a playful vinyasa flow, where she encourages a fun yet a safe blend of movement and flow. Kirty studied with Yoga Medicine and Tiffany Cruickshank for my 200hr qualification. She looks forward to pursuing her 500hr qualification next year. Come and join her in her classes to see what playful journey we can embark on together.


Think raving... with yoga poses! A dynamic Vinyasa Flow incorporating influences from professional dance training. Strong emphasis will be placed on exploring the journey between intelligently sequenced asanas and working through different energetic layers gracefully. Open level, however ideal for slightly more experienced movers.


David is an international yoga teacher specialising in Dance-Specific Yoga. Known for his emphasis on graceful yet functional transitions, he empowers students to take ownership of their yoga journey and develop a playful practice to constantly test their limits and explore new perspectives. Whilst practice remains individual, classes are seen as social opportunities for yogis to forge camaraderie within a collective experience, connecting with others through mutual support under his guidance, whether by partnerwork or by breath. David wishes to share a practice which is liberating to the body, picturesque in the mind and light on the heart. Find him @davidkamkw or on his website


Claire trained as a professional contemporary dancer at Trinity Laban and has always been a devout mover, shaker and shimmy-er! Almost as an antidote to the aesthetic driven dance world Claire found and fell in love with Yoga, finding in it a sense of joy, challenge and empowerment! In addition to her dance background, Claire is a Pilates instructor, avid rock climber, martial arts enthusiast and chocolate obsessive. All these combine together to create a practice with a strong anatomical base, focusing on strengthening and flowing deliciously through the practice, playing with balance and exploring the potential of the body. Expect to feel your core fire up and your body align as you flow from pose to pose. A life long learner Claire continues to develop and hone her practise with additional trainings to enrich both her experience and yours! Claire teaches a wide variety of yoga, pilates and movement classes all around London and also holds pop up Chocolate-Yoga workshops for those who like all of their endorphin hits in one place!


Following the same principles as our regular Vinyasa Flow class, but with a few more challenging posture thrown in, guaranteed to make you sweat! The sequences will always be creative and varied from class to class.


Developing an unexpected and incurable yoga habit kicked off Suzie's love affair with everything wellness related, leading her to quit her office job, fly to Costa Rica, and train as a Vinyasa yoga teacher. Immediately after training she travelled south through Latin America, teaching dynamic classes in her fun and light-hearted style at studios and guesthouses, while exploring her passions for being active and eating all the superfoods. From brewing Kombucha at an Eco Farm in Panama to a chia-seed-fuelled hike up Machu Picchu; she finally arrived in Buenos Aires where she bravely combined her love of yoga and food by holding Vegan Yoga Brunch events in the world’s beef steak capital! Now rooted back in London, you can catch her spreading all the wellness joy via her creative and dynamic classes at studios across the city and at events and retreats both at home and abroad. Suzie spent most of her life being anything but bendy or athletic, so is a firm believer that whatever the stretchy pretzels on Instagram might make you think, yoga is for absolutely everyone and, like everything in life, should never be taken too seriously. She loves enticing students to move, sweat, play and find freedom and happiness within their bodies. Catch her making breakfast and throwing shapes on Instagram at and on her blog


Lauren started her yoga journey after getting injuries through running and other high impact sports. She fell in love with it after a few months. Lauren loves the physical aspect of yoga, the challenge and the movement, but more importantly the yoga philosophy and meditative side to yoga which has really impacted her life both on and off the mat.


Aletheia teaches a friendly, energising and lively Vinyasa Flow yoga class which links sequenced movement to the breath. Aletheia lives an active and sporty lifestyle, dipping into running, swimming and triathlon, and has found that Yoga helps her build greater strength and flexibility as well as supporting her in finding balance in day to day life. Between teaching classes, Aletheia also works on her own start-up wellbeing business and works with brands to help them connect in with the wellbeing scene. 

Aletheia is a currently a 200hr qualified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher and has a particular passion for both yoga for sport and yoga in the workplace. Her classes are combined with music, relaxation and a spiritual practice. You can find Aletheia at @aletheiayoga  on FB, Instagram and Twitter.


Grace was drawn to yoga initially as a physical practice, nevertheless it soon became more than a form of exercise when she realised the incredible mental benefits of taking an hour or two out of her day to escape to the yoga studio. Grace teaches an open-level, dynamic Vinyasa class with a playlist designed to let your body and mind unwind. Expect to be challenged physically and mentally in a light-hearted and inclusive class. 


Eva is a trained Vinyasa Flow and Rocket Yoga teacher. She loves getting upside down and generally making weird shapes with the body. However, she has had to realise that being able to put your foot behind your head or handstand in the middle of the room unfortunately won’t bring you happiness or enlightenment.
In addition to yoga Eva is passionate about self-love and body positivity, though like many other people she still struggles with these things. This is reflected in her teaching which comes from an empathetic and supportive place. Expect a fun but challenging class, you are encouraged to push yourself in a mindful and nurturing way. No two bodies are alike so options are given allowing students to modify as needed. There may also be some bad jokes and she will probably mix up left and right at least once (as it turns out yoga teachers are only human after all)!


In keeping with the flowing style of vinyasa yoga, which harmonises breath and movement, Chilled Vinyasa Flow has a meditative effect as you are guided through a fluid sequence of postures designed to help you stretch out and unwind whilst soothing body and soul. Classes will end with a short seated meditation and extended savasana.


An actor, writer and life long Anglophile, Lauryn's dreams came true when she moved to London from Canada in 2014. With nearly a decade of personal practice and study under her belt, Lauryn decided to take her passion for yoga further and completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training with YogaLondon. Yoga and meditation have helped Lauryn to marry her coffee loving, rapid fire brain with her need for quiet and Sunday nights in with the cat. Her hope is to guide others to find their own balance both on and off the mat.


Lorena began practicing yoga with the Sivananda School of Yoga in Madrid almost ten years ago and since then yoga has been a part of her life, helping her to grow stronger and fearless, both on and off the mat.
In 2015 she completed a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training with Yoga London and throughout 2016 she has done many courses including a Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Training. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Business & Travel. In her classes, she loves to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. She seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga. Her classes will leave you feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced encouraging you to build greater self-awareness, empowerment, and peace. She places emphasis in the breath, safety and alignment. She is passionate about sharing this ancient wisdom which she finds to be truly transformative, bringing her own personal experiences to influence and create each session.


Hannah started her yoga practice over ten years ago, experimenting with the calming effects of Hatha, the precision of Iyengar and the vigor of Ashtanga before finding her flow in Vinyasa and eventually qualifying as a Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher with Frog Lotus, Pregnancy Yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at The Life Centre along with Post- Natal Mummy and Baby yoga with Nadia Narain at Triyoga. Deepening her knowledge of both the asanas and philosophy. Hannah’s classes are slow and graceful, dynamic yet considered; and most of all nourishing. They focus on awareness and alignment with creative-led flows, encouraging her students to move in a way that feels good for them and their body. She uses pranayama and meditation techniques to calm the nervous system and build prana throughout the body, always using the breath as a conductor for movement. By seeking space in both the body and the mind, Hannah’s lighthearted approach helps her students to counterbalance the stresses that come with London's hectic pace, so they leave the mat happy, energised and connected.


Prepare to sweat as this strong practice stokes your inner power to help you move through a dynamic sequence of postures. There is a strong emphasis on building core strength, whilst balancing the body with equal measures of mindfulness and a deep awareness your experience on the mat.


Japanese and English, born and raised in Japan. Worked in three different continents on the trading floor for over 15years. Now a 200 hour US Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) - internationally qualified helping you move, look and feel better!


Lisa's yoga journey started in 2007, first as a means to work out, but she quickly discovered that regular yoga is a holistic practice that delivers healing benefits to both body and mind. Having practiced many different styles of yoga, she was naturally drawn to dynamic flow style classes and eventually completed her teacher training at the Power Yoga Company in London. Lisa believes yoga should be accessible to everyone, encouraging growth of the self on and off the mat. Her classes are designed to be challenging and fun, with uplifting music and hands-on assists, helping her students explore and access their own bodies. In power yoga / vinyasa, asanas are sequenced to flow into each other, so that the body is continually moving, building strength and flexibility whilst quietening the mind. You will leave feeling invigorated and balanced, ready to start your day!


Always led by the breath and with a strong mindful awareness of the experience within the body, Yin and Yang Yoga works by balancing slow, deep (Yin) postures with strong, flowing (Yang) sequences to help free, soothe and restore both body and mind. Classes are a vinyasa style, fluid and grounding, moving with the breath. Natural movement guides the body, no force, just flow. Practice is about how it feels inside not the external shapes we make.


Pip has an honest and authentic teaching style:  she fuses together modern science with esoteric thinking, tempting you in. West and East meet and collaborate in explanations. Classes are laid back, energetic and have an open vibe. Pip holds the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma 500hr course certificate in addition to being a certified strala guide having completed another 200 hours of training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor of StralaNYC as well as yin yoga training with Norman Blair from Indaba, London. A naturally energetic person, yoga has proven to be a way for Pip to centre through movement, to calm. A much needed skill in twenty first century life.  Science has always been of great interest: this led to a biology degree, the anatomy & physiology and biomechanics being of choice. This is reflected in her teaching. Pip has been voted one of classpass most zen yoga classes and are a favourite of "The Body" Elle Macpherson.


Budokon combines yoga, martial arts, meditation and animal movements! It will improve your strength, flexibility, control and balance, this combination of training elements is unique, fun and challenging. Open to all levels.


Hari Kalymnios has been practising yoga for over a decade, with experience in Ashtanga, vinyasa flow and Hatha. Hari likes to teach a particular style of vinyasa flow, which is influenced by the Budokon school of yoga and mixed movement arts (MMA). You can expect to work both your mind and body differently from a regular class in this fun, friendly and challenging style.  Hari focusses on slow strong sequencing, infused with martial arts elements and primal pattern animal flow movements. If you are looking to feel stronger and more energised for the day, then this is the class for you. 

As well as a yoga teacher, Hari is a speaker and coach on the topics of mindset, resilience and feeling superhuman! You can find out more about Hari and his work at his website and @thethoughtgym (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter).


The Rocket Routines, created by Larry Schultz, are based on the traditional Ashtanga primary & intermediate series. Marrying tempo with sequence, these routines explore elements of spinal twisting, back bending, hip opening and arm balancing. Rocket is known to break through common areas of tension and energy blockage, combating tendencies towards stagnancy and resistance in the body.


Jon's first yoga experience was a packed donation-based class in New York with three inches between mats, and despite shaking limbs and a sweat-soaked mat, he found himself in a unique state after the hour, enjoying a vigorously energized body and creatively awakened mind. Through big changes and depressive episodes, yoga has been the stabilizing constant giving the opportunity to ground the body in a physical routine and ease the mind of stresses.  After living benefits of a yoga practice for years, he pursued teacher training in London to share the practice with loved ones and new friends.  Since then, he continues to deepen his practice at home and in the world through practice and study, and now teaches Rocket, Hot Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Nidra.


Ale started practicing meditation as a way of coping with the stress of working in the City. She increasingly became interested in the more physical aspects of the yoga practice and after taking a career break she completed her 200 YTT with The Yoga People in London in 2015. She currently teaches dynamic classes, mostly Rocket, Power and Vinyasa Flow, across various studios in London. If she isn't teaching, you might find her running around East London or on her bike!

DEFINE Mat "Booty Burn"

The Mat "Booty Burn" is here to lift, sculpt, tone that booty all whilst having a rocking good time. Be prepared for the DEFINE "Hurts So Good" feeling while you discover tiny little muscle you never knew were there. DEFINE a better mind, DEFINE a better body, and most importantly DEFINE a better YOU.

Ashley Yeater jumped the pond form New York City to create and launch her fitness brand DEFINE. The DEFINE brand launched its BARRE, CARDIO, STRETCH... REPEAT concepts at the end of February of 2016 at SKY TV and has been growing and growing in popularity all over London. For 16 years Ashley was found performing on Broadway and around the globe in shows such as The Producers, Follies, Chicago, A Chorus Line, Big Fish, Pippin, On the Town, Cats, Gigi... to name a few. Her performance background has kept her motivated to keep a strong healthy lifestyle. A year ago a jump split on the Broadway stage put a halt to her performing career as the doctors gave the news she needed ACL replacement surgery. Luckily, Ashley's positive outlook and handwork didn't falter as she powered through her rehabilitation. She was inspired by her physical therapy routines to create sequences that would be toning and challenging. The creation of the BARRE and MAT concepts for DEFINE essentially came from all the moves that pushed her through her rehab to be stronger today. Ashley is beyond proud of the DEFINE brand and is overwhelmed by the DEFINE love she receives on the daily though out London.


Forró is a Brazilian music and dance style. A mix of regional Brazilian rhythms and dances with influences from European, African and Native folklore.

One of the forró rhythms, the baião, has been around for over 200 years, being a cultural tradition faithful expression of the Brazilian people, before the onset of the samba.

The forró culture originates in the northeast of Brazil. From where the movement went south and took root in all of Brazil. Then it spread out to the rest of the world. And now you can experience it at JuJus Bar and Stage every Wednesdays from 7pm to 11:30pm, most of times are live music on.

You can learn Forro every Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm with a amazing team of teachers that will make you feel at home and will make your feel a dancer right away.

Classes are separate from different levels.
Learn bases for every rhythm, learn connection.
Learn figures, turns, spins and body language.
Learn footwork, arms, spins and acrobat sometimes, group interaction and lots more.


Anax Caracol is a nortista Brasileiro, born in the heart of Brazil, Amazonas. Event producer, Musician, Choreographer, Dance instructor and Performer.

Today bringing the passion of dance and music of Forro in the UK and all Europe. Anax teaches different background of people from 6 years old kids to elderly Alzheimer people. The 27 year old is one of the most wanted artists in the Brazilian culture, dance and music community in Europe. Anax brings to his performances and workshops, the roots and essence of what this dance brings to your life, combining happiness, great interaction with the students and makes everyone feels just the same (special people).

ZEN KARATE - Meditation in Motion

Many times the true concept of karate in misunderstood, much do to the way media portraits martial-arts. The real goal of karate is not about fighting others but to fight ourselves, our personal boundaries and to develop our own character. The karateka is required to live an ethical life. This involves proper behaviour in all aspects of life. The code of all martial artists: one's skill to harm others should only be used for self-defense or for the preservation of justice.

The fours sessions at the Re:Solutions will be focusing on core concepts of karate, body alignment, smooth foot work, kime (concentration of power), coordination, balance, kihon (basic techniques), kata ( karate forms) Kumite (basic sparring) offered alongside the teachings of budo philosophy that is the base for the martia-arts practice. We will be exploring some of the following concepts:

Mental discipline - One of the most highly sought after rewards of all martial arts training.

Mokusu - Meditation to strengthen and discipline the mind. By controlling the mind, one can suppress desire and control emotions. The martial arts practitioner should feel no anger, no pride, no pain, no suffering of any kind. These are the major causes of violence, unhappiness, and defeat, and they must be avoided.

Mushin - Intuitive wisdom implies that one must do, not think. When "thinking," one imposes restrictions on oneself by creating attachments to the world and its illusions. In "doing," you detach yourself from the world, becoming egoless and effortless. Mushin it refers to being void of thought, without emotion, without expectations or anticipation.

Karate means "empty hand" implies not only a lack of weapons but an emptying of the mind as well.

Sensei Antonio's passion for Karate started at the age of 15. He is a 2Dan Black belt from the Japan Karate Association (JKA), which is the organisation carrying on the Japanese traditional karate heritage. He has been regularly training with the best national and international instructors. Sensei Antonio runs a karate club (SKL), which has been established in Old street - East London. SKL won more than 60 medals in several tournaments this year and his adult students have been progressing in the belt rankings with 100% pass rate. External high-ranking examiners accessed all gradings.

Swing Dance Class

Kick off 2017 with hand to hand Charleston. It's the beginning of the year so this class will assume no knowledge and aim to get you moving along to some great swing sounds and teach you some basic patterns that you can use when the band start later. No prior knowledge required.
Half price January rate of just £5!

Ghungroo Dance - BollyFusion

All classes and choreography of Ghungroo Dance is by Bollywood instructor Neha Banik.

Neha's background in dance is Kathak, an Indian classical dance form. However in the past 5-6 years she has broadened into various other Indian dance forms and has been offering classes in Bollywood, Indian folk, Semi classical and Indian Fusion. She currently runs a Bolly-fusion dance classes every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30 PM at Juju's Bar & Stage.

Vinyasa Candle Lit Yoga

With a background in Musical Theatre, Jenna Moore has trained professionally as a dancer, singer and actress. Creative and physical by nature yoga seemed an natural progression in Jenna’s career studying her 200 Hours Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Rocket teacher training with The Yoga People in London and furthering her advanced rocket studies in Thailand.
Jenna's classes are mindful combined with dynamic creative sequences that allow for fluidity and artistry. An avid inversion lover, Jenna loves to incorporate handstands into her practices and fun transitions.
Jenna has spent the last ten months travelling and teaching in Sydney and Bali before returning home to continue teaching in London.
"Yoga to me is therapy. It's truly changed my life in the best way possible and if I can pass on what I've learnt in a beneficial way then I'll be super happy."


Based on the 8 limbs outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga focuses on asana (posture), pranayama (breath control) and vinyasa (linking breath to movement). Emphasis on correct breathing induces both the elimination of toxins and the purification of the body. Described as 'mind medicine', this aerobically dynamic practice is also known to allow the attainment of deep levels of mental tranquility.

Ian Stoneham

Ian qualified as a teacher in 2015 and, after 20 years working in publishing, decided to devote his time to helping others discover the joys of putting their bodies in funny positions that feel good (either at the time or as a result of the relief of coming out of them). After his initial training he has taken further yin yoga training with Sarah Powers and astanga vinyasa training with Richard Freeman and is in the process of qualifying as a sports massage and soft tissue therapist. He teaches yin, satang and restorative yoga at studios in North London.

He describes his style as 'simple and direct with plenty of space for mindful practice'. His favourite quote: "It's not the purpose of our bodies to get us into the pose, it's the purpose of the pose to get us into our bodies".

Kate Lister

Kate Lister's exploration of yoga began aged 14, when she found a book of middle-aged women with 70s hair, shiny leotards and very bendy bodies in her grandma's house. Weirdly, this attracted her. Luckily, she soon found out there was much more to yoga!

With a practice background in Ashtanga yoga, training in Vinyasa Flow, and an aversion to taking life too seriously, Kate shares playful, dynamic, breath-led sequencing with a focus on mindful alignment. She encourages students to find a personal practice in each class, so that they may cultivate their own yoga and experience the many ways in which the practice expands all areas of our human life.

Kate is also a professional singer and, having found yoga so supportive of this area of her life, now creates yoga programmes for musicians and performers specifically. She loves to use music to set the mood in class, and has been known to bust out a tune mid-asana. Song requests welcome!

Body Burn

Lisa-Jane Holmes is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Blogger from London. She owns and runs Wildcat Fitness UK and is looking forward to teaching her signature class as part of Re:Solutions - it is called Body Burn and is (as the title suggests!) a full body workout. The class incorporates elements of HIIT/interval training for maximum fat burn but also body weight strength exercises to build lean muscle and help participants get fitter faster and feel stronger than ever before!

Tell No One
with Track Mafia

Tell No One is a series of running events across London that are often kept very hush hush and only a few people are invited. For Re:Solutions Track Mafia are opening up the event to the wider community.

Meet at Juju's at 6:30pm for 7pm start.
7pm - 7.10pm Introduction to Track Mafia with founder Cory Wharton-Malcolm
7.10pm-7.45pm Manni - How we relate to the body.
7:45 – 8pm Cory – Tell No One briefing
8pm – Tell No One departure for 1 hour group run
9pm – Tell No One return to Juju's
9.15pm - Justin - Before & After: the window into prehab.
9.50pm - TrackMafia Close
10pm - Party with tunes and food!!

Multi Sensory Digital Detox
with Urban Temple

Offline is the New Luxury - A 5 hr no phone zone retreat designed to switch off from technology and reconnect with our inner selves. This retreat will use multi-sensory experiences: taste, sound, smell, touch and visuals to enrich the experience. Included in this retreat there will be a relaxing yin yoga class, a meditation, a delicious hot lunch and a goody bag. Amongst those taking part in the retreat there are Kate Lister and Sophie Higgins.

Digital Detox: Reconnect with your Inner Self
with Urban Temple

Offline is the New Luxury - A 5 hr no phone zone retreat designed to switch off from technology and reconnect with our inner selves. Included in this retreat there will be a relaxing yin yoga class, a meditation, a nutrition talk with a top nutritionist, a delicious hot lunch and a goody bag. Amongst those taking part in the retreat there are Kate Lister and Sophie Higgins.

Phaedra Ensemble

Founded in 2014, Phaedra Ensemble is built around a string quartet plus collaborators from across London's diverse musical landscape; incorporating jazz, folk, and contemporary classical musicians. Its members are drawn from London Contemporary Orchestra, F-IRE Collective, 12 Ensemble and Ligeti Quartet, amongst others. Previous performances include Kings Place, The Barbican, The Roundhouse and TEDx. They are resident ensemble with multi-sensory arts collective Bittersuite and recent collaborations include Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw and avant-pop musician Tanya Auclair.